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Method for determining candidate keys and highest normal form of a relation based on functional dependencies

For my advanced database systems course I needed to learn how to take a given relation and functional dependencies, tell the highest normal form and then normalize it up to BCNF. It’s actually not that hard, but there are a … Continue reading

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Getting right click menus to work in 64-bit Windows Explorer

Shells extensions are components that extend the functionality of Windows. The most common type is contextual menus that appear when you right click on items in Windows Explorer. For example, an archive utility can add itself to the menu to … Continue reading

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How to enable (or improve) two finger scrolling on your Windows laptop

This is a small guide on to how to get two finger scrolling and other multi touch gestures on your Windows laptop. Even if your laptop is already capable of scrolling using two fingers, this guide can still be worth … Continue reading

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