About Me


profile_picCalled: Dan
Years: ~40
Lives: Sweden
Style: Minimalist
Doing: SharePoint Specialist at Bool
Did: Computer technician, game development
Likes: Video game history, motorcycles
Elsewhere: LinkedIn, GitHub, MobyGames

Independent Software Development

For over ten years I have been running RL Vision where I publish the various software I have created. Some are free, some are more advanced and cost a small amount to register (“shareware”):

  • Flash Renamer: Renames multiple files in a single operation with advanced filters and lots of options.
  • PDF Image Extraction Wizard: Extract and saves all pictures in PDF documents as separate image files, without quality loss.
  • Exif Tag Remover: A privacy protection tool for photographers. Remove all metadata from your photos before publishing them online.
  • Office Image Extraction Wizard: This utility can extract pictures from Microsoft Office and many other file formats.
  • Dupli Find: Searches documents for identical lines, displays them and optionally removes them from the original document.
  • Replace Genius: A very versatile utility that processes text files in various ways. Like “replace all” but with a myriad of available filters and ways to modify the text.
  • Notepad2 Bookmark Edition: The best Notepad replacement. Bookmark Edition is my version with some extra functionality.
  • Hot Spot Studio: Mix light to create art. Slightly pointless but very entertaining little program.
  • PhotoSift: A rather unique take on manual image sorting for keyboard aficionados.
  • Bubble Math: Open source edutaiment game
  • Snap2IMG: Creates contact sheets (i.e. thumbnail view) with images from one of more folders.
  • Snap2HTML: Creates a list of the files on your hard drive and saves it as an interactive “web 2.0” html file.
  • DinnerWiz: A helping hand when deciding what to eat for dinner.
  • NSF Tool: Nintendo NES music format (NSF) metadata editor.
  • Beep.Exe: Command line utility that simply allows you to play custom sounds via the PC speaker.