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Searching with Microsoft Graph Client Library for .NET

Using the MS Graph SDK for .NET is convenient but I find the documentation and examples pretty lacking. So when wanted to use the Search endpoint it took me quite a while to figure out how to make it work. … Continue reading

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Starter project for AzureAD authenticated communication with ASP.Net Core 6 API, React SPA and console app

Setting up authentication for a new project is important but can be a pain since all the pieces must fit together perfectly. I recently struggled with one of my projects, and for future reference I decided to create a starter … Continue reading

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How to quickly get the Group ID for an Office 365 Group

Microsoft Graph typically requires us to use the Group ID when working with O365 groups and modern sites. But Group ID can be tricky to find since it is rarely displayed. Here are some ways I found to quickly get … Continue reading

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