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Enable Mometum on an Alps Glidepoint Touchpad

My old computer has a touchpad from Synaptics with a feature called “Momentum”. (I’ve also seen this called “Inertia” och “Inertial Scrolling”.) It causes the mouse pointer move a little bit before stopping after you’ve released your finger, as if … Continue reading

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Preventing RSI could be as easy as switching mouse hand

I started using computers when I was about 17. By the time I was 20 I had a full time job servicing computers at an organization. At this time I began having uncomfortable, sometimes painful, feelings in my right wrist … Continue reading

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How to enable (or improve) two finger scrolling on your Windows laptop

This is a small guide on to how to get two finger scrolling and other multi touch gestures on your Windows laptop. Even if your laptop is already capable of scrolling using two fingers, this guide can still be worth … Continue reading

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