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How to backup and restore tables in Azure storage

There is currently no built in solution for backing up tables in Azure Storage, but we can easily do it with the help of a tool called AzCopy which is provided by Microsoft. Below is a PowerShell script I built … Continue reading

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What data recovery companies aren’t telling you

My freeware utility Snap2HTML has turned out to be popular among data recovery companies, who can use it to send customers files listings of potentially recoverable files. Typically you send your damaged disk or other media to the recovery company, … Continue reading

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Stategies for using CD/DVD as backup media

In my previous article I conducted a test to see how durable CD’s and DVD’s are. This is a crucial consideration if you are thinking about using such media for backup purposes. This article contains tips and recommendations for using … Continue reading

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How long do writable CD/DVD last? 400 discs put to the test!

It is a well known fact that the CD-R’s and DVD-R’s that you burn at home won’t last forever (neither does factory made media, for that matter, but that’s another story). Exactly how long is impossible to answer. It depends … Continue reading

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How much do you dare putting in the cloud?

A story I found on r/technology highlights the dangers of tying up your life in “the cloud”; more specifically to trust a company with your personal data. Google, without explanation, shut down a user’s account and all associated services. The … Continue reading

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