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Authentication with Passwords & Passphrases: Implications on Usability and Security

The following text is a summary of an academic report I wrote together with a friend as part of a course on computer security at Lund University. The paper was graded “A” by the teacher. You can download and read … Continue reading

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Get a zero-installation SQL database for learning or dabbling

Database Management Systems typically require big installations and configuration to get running. I’ve always found this to be a major threshold for working with databases, especially if you only want to test some simple queries or if you are learning … Continue reading

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Method for normalizing a relation to BCNF based on functional dependencies

In the previous post I showed the method I use to determine the candidate keys and highest normal form of a relation. Now let’s break these large relations into smaller ones to make sure we achieve Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)! … Continue reading

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Method for determining candidate keys and highest normal form of a relation based on functional dependencies

For my advanced database systems course I needed to learn how to take a given relation and functional dependencies, tell the highest normal form and then normalize it up to BCNF. It’s actually not that hard, but there are a … Continue reading

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