Fixing the ‘PRM_ParserErrorDetails’ problem for SharePoint Apps

Today I finally solved a problem that I have been trying to hunt down for a long time. I haven’t been  able to find any good help on this elsewhere, so let me share how I solved it.

This is my setup: I have SharePoint Online site, where I open a modal window to load a page from a provider hosted app (Add-In). The app is running in Azure Websites (Web Apps). The page is built with ASP.Net WebForms and displays a simple form that you submit back to the app.

The problem was that when you clicked the submit button in Internet Explorer, a JavaScript in MicrosoftAjaxWebForms.debug.js crashed, preventing the postback:


Other browsers worked fine though. The solution was stupid simple, but easy to miss:

The Azure site need to be added as a trusted site in Internet Explorer!

Add to trusted sites in Internet Explorer

For the curious: The postback never seemed to make it back to the server. Actually it did, but it got stuck in the Page_PreInit() mehod, where SharePointContextProvider.CheckRedirectionStatus()  returned a “RedirectionStatus.CanNotRedirect” and the the connection ends.

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6 Responses to Fixing the ‘PRM_ParserErrorDetails’ problem for SharePoint Apps

  1. Antony says:

    put the below lines of code at page_load event..
    it should be placed outside post back and inside page_load event

  2. gummadi says:

    Its working..

    btnExport is button id

  3. Dennis says:

    Thanks so much Antony!
    ScriptManager.GetCurrent(Page).RegisterPostBackControl(btnExport) works for me too.

  4. HASAN ANDIZ says:

    I really appreciate your post. It took me 3 days to find out I have to put one line outside the post :( You are a life saver.

    Thanks so much Antony

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