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The fantastic Google

Most of us use Google to find things online. The reason is simple: Google delivers the best search result. Or do they? How do you know? Because honestly, when was the last time you tried another search engine? Each search … Continue reading

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How to enable (or improve) two finger scrolling on your Windows laptop

This is a small guide on to how to get two finger scrolling and other multi touch gestures on your Windows laptop. Even if your laptop is already capable of scrolling using two fingers, this guide can still be worth … Continue reading

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Where is Microsoft heading with Windows 8?

Having tested Windows 8 for a while raised some questions in my mind about Microsoft’s strategy for the future. It’s fairly obvious that the focus in Windows 8 has been on making an OS for touch screen devices. And only … Continue reading

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First impressions of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Having played with Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VirtualBox for a few hours, I wanted to write down some thoughts on my experience. I’m assuming that anyone reading this text is reasonably up-to-date on what’s new in Win8. Metro & … Continue reading

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RLV Blog says Hello World!

So this is my new blog. My plan is to write about mostly technological oriented matters. I already have another blog with more general content, written in Swedish, and to begin with I will mainly be translating posts from there that … Continue reading

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