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Get a zero-installation SQL database for learning or dabbling

Database Management Systems typically require big installations and configuration to get running. I’ve always found this to be a major threshold for working with databases, especially if you only want to test some simple queries or if you are learning … Continue reading

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Boost your computer with a RAM disk

Computers today are shipped with massive amounts of memory. Even a low-end computer has 4 gigs of RAM, and it’s not uncommon to get 6 or 8 GB. But 4GB is more than enough for your typical Windows 7/8 installation. … Continue reading

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Try a new PDF reader and you’ll never go back to Adobe Reader!

PDF has become the de facto standard for publishing electronic documents. Adobe created the file format and their Reader software enjoys a near-monopoly on reading PDF documents. But did you know that PDF is an open file format, allowing anyone … Continue reading

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What is a portable application, and why should you use them?

Portable Windows applications have gained much popularity lately (which is kind of ironic, since originally all programs where pretty much portable). But what is a portable application? In this simple guide I will try to examine what a portable application … Continue reading

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