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Migrating data from Access to SQL Server

Suppose that you have a simple Microsoft Access database that you need to migrate to another database such as MS SQL Server. You model the tables and relationships in the new database, and now you need to export the actual … Continue reading

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How to backup and restore tables in Azure storage

There is currently no built in solution for backing up tables in Azure Storage, but we can easily do it with the help of a tool called AzCopy which is provided by Microsoft. Below is a PowerShell script I built … Continue reading

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Converting a CSV file to RegX with PowerShell

If you need to convert a CSV file with terms to a RegX file for use in your .Net project, you can use this simple PowerShell script:

The script assumes your CSV file contains two columns, “Name” and “Value”, … Continue reading

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Opening CSV files in Excel

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a useful file format for tabular data that I often use. But every time I want to load a CSV file into Excel it does not seem to recognize the files. Usually it just loads … Continue reading

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