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  1. Dirck says:

    Hi Dan, this was very useful to me as I am learning Java. Such tutorials help us to learn quickly. Must read for all beginners. Thanks a lot for sharing. :)

  2. Masroor says:

    Thanks for taking time and effort to render the Visio SVG in a comprehensive manner. I’ve one issue, which is very important for me to accomplish… the hyperlink behind the shape is not working?

    The click mouse event is not passing the native effect of the SVG shape link launch. The raw Visio SVG does activate the hyperlinks though!

    Am I missing something?


    • Dan says:

      You probably need to experiment with “pointerevents” by adding it to containing shape:

      pointerEvents: “none”

      This should make the mouse click event pass through the shape and find the link!

      • Masroor says:

        I just commented “elm.preventDefault()” that prevented the click event from firing. It seems to work, but the SharePoint is blocking the call to another site in it’s response header with SAMEREGION restriction.

        I’ll try the same on another WebServer and confirm the above later.

        • Masroor says:

          The SAMEREGION response header restriction is gone when the hyperlink in visio is set to open in ‘new’ window… using the ShapeSheet…

  3. Masroor says:

    I’m now struggling with another issue…
    The shape click event… – The rectangular red box goes way off on the screen when ‘clicked’ shape is part of a visio ‘groupContext’. Appreciate any workaround to render the ‘red’ box on the grouped shapes as accurate as possible.


    • Dan says:

      I remember some similar trouble, but I never got around to solve it myself. If you do find a solution, please share!

  4. Hynek says:

    can you please show example how exactly use

    Snap.load(url, function (data) {
    var svgContainer = Snap(“#some-empty-div-on-the-page”);
    svgPaper = Snap(svgContainer.node.firstElementChild);

    with your tutorial ?

    • Christian Fillies says:

      Thanks a ot Dan. @Hynek try lower case C in “v:groupContext”. If you use load it will parse the svg as “v:groupcontext”

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