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I stopped using Google Analytics. Here’s why.

For many years I’ve been using Google Analytics (GA) on rlvision.com, but more and more I started questioning myself why. So a month ago I finally cut the cord. Here are my reasons. The first reason is simply that I … Continue reading

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Why Google isn’t my default search engine anymore

When I began using the Internet, web search technology was still in its infancy. The first search engine I can remember using was WebCrawler, mostly probably because they has a cool logo. Then I switched to Wired Magazine’s HotBot for … Continue reading

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What is a portable application, and why should you use them?

Portable Windows applications have gained much popularity lately (which is kind of ironic, since originally all programs where pretty much portable). But what is a portable application? In this simple guide I will try to examine what a portable application … Continue reading

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How much do you dare putting in the cloud?

A story I found on r/technology highlights the dangers of tying up your life in “the cloud”; more specifically to trust a company with your personal data. Google, without explanation, shut down a user’s account and all associated services. The … Continue reading

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