If Snipping Tool freezes and blocks your screen…

Note: Be sure to read the comments for more help!

Today when I used the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 it stopped working. I could select an area over and over again, but it never closed after that as it should. The screen was dimmed and I could not get to any other program because Snipping Tool was on top of everything, even Task Manager! I almost gave up doing a hard reset, when I found a way to get rid of it:

Alt+Tab still worked though. There is a small X that appears if you hover an application thumbnail with the mouse. Using this you can close Snipping Tool!


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  1. Devin says:

    Than you!! This just happened to me on my company’s remote server I was working in.

  2. Ant says:

    They seem to have fixed the “press the X to kill it” feature so that didn’t work for me. I did find that Alt F4 killed it, lets hope they don’t block that one next.

  3. Crystal says:

    Alt+f4 worked … ty

  4. Michelle says:

    OMG. THAT WAS HORRIBLY FRUSTRATING. Yeah, none of those work for me sadly. That said, I was actually able to force it closed without fully shutting off my pc (a surface book) by holding the power button, sliding to shut down & then when it asks, are you sure you want to shut down? You have all these things open, I clicked cancel & when it went back to my desktop snipping tool was closed! Woo! So glad I didn’t have to lose all my progress on the multiple things I had open

  5. Johannes Visagie says:

    Nothing worked for me until I did this.

    Press the windows key or search icon in the bottom left then type the following

    (taskkill /f /im “snippingtool.exe” /t), but exclude the brackets.

    Hope this helps someone else as I almost forced shutdown.

  6. Ash S. says:

    This just saved me from a huge loss of work. Seriously. Thank you!

  7. Jeff DeWitt says:

    That worked, THANKS!

  8. Lonny says:

    Alt-Fn-F4 also works – in case you can’t see the little x

  9. John Jacobs says:

    Alt f4 worked when ALT tab didn’t. A life saver. Didn’t lose work.

  10. Alyssa says:

    God bless this email chain! You just saved my minutes ?

  11. EffOff says:

    I clicked the power button and before it shutdown I clicked cancel instead of Shutdown anyway and it went back to normal.

  12. Haran Perera says:

    Alt + F4

  13. Brenda Kurtz says:

    I have written the command on a sticky note for the next time this happens as none of the other options worked. I also reset the snipping tool.

  14. ZereVoid says:

    Im not entirely sure if the “Press and hold the power button and slide” thing work’s or not but i just want to warn other that if you try that MAKE SURE you take you’re finger off the button in 1-3 seconds or you’re pc will already be shutting down hopefully this helped as this happened to me and I don’t want others to face the same fate

  15. Jim says:

    Thanks! Alt-F4 worked for me :)

  16. Jaylene says:

    ALT F4 worked great! Thanks!!! :-)

  17. D K says:

    Only thing that worked for me is shot down option on my laptop. There was no prompt for “are you sure you want to shutdown” but if you have open unsaved files it will trigger Windows to go back in. As a result you may lose some information as things close but not all apps will close.

    What does close is the snip & sketch application. I was planning for the worst but only a few apps closed before I was prompted. Hopefully this helps other in a similar bind.

    After this I also went to task manager under “options” and selected “always on top” so in future I can kill this application if it happens (saw this in another thread).

  18. Jeff says:

    I have been sadly using Windows 10 for awhile now. Snipping Tool has Frozen on my Screen Countless times forcing me to hard re-boot the computer and pray all my window tabs I had open remain and I dont lose any info upon starting up again.

    I came across this posting for solutions to fix the freezing snip tool and it saved me !

    ALT & then F4 Key worked for me and unlocked the frozen screen caused by the snipping tool !

    I did not have to re-boot and for that I am ecstatic !

    This Windows 10 Tower was an Emergency Buy when my other Tower with Windows XP Professional on it got the Blue Screen of Death, I NEVER EVER had a Snipping Tool Issue on that Tower until Windows 10 usage. This week I am bringing my Windows XP Pro tower into the repair shop to get rid of the Blue Screen and get it fixed and back up running and then I am getting as far away from Windows 10 as I can.

    Thank You !!

  19. ahiad hazan says:

    non of the above worked for me, Alt + F4 did nothing.
    but i could do Ctrl + Shift + N, which closed the snipping action for me so i could close the program itself.

    • Henri says:

      Literally the only thing out of all the things on here that worked for me on T490s Lenovo. Thank you so much. CTRL + Shift + N closed the snipping action and all went back to normal.

  20. VISWAGOPAL says:

    taskkill /f /im snippingtool.exe /t ..try this.. Thanks a lot it works

  21. Jayme says:

    ATL + F4 doesn’t work for me, I couldn’t do anything else except to press power off button then from the lock screen I chose restart button!! I thought my laptop was gone :’)

  22. Roberto says:

    This worked for me:
    Press the Windows key, and type “taskkill /im snipping* /f”. In the search results, it should ask if you would like to run the command. Select that “search result” to kill the snipping tool process.

    Didn’t work:
    I tried to press the windows key and exit the application by clicking the ‘x’ however I couldn’t reach the window asking if I wanted to save a previous snip.

    • Joe says:

      This command is what worked for me. Tried everything else, including other versions of the same command posted earlier. Thanks very much!

  23. Jas says:

    Thanks for those who suggested Alt + F4. In my Dell, you need to use Fn to use F4, so it is actually like this: Fn + F4 + Alt. I guess many modern laptops have the same configuration, where the F’s now are secondary to light and sound and play controls…etc

  24. Jack says:

    Alt+tab to open the window and make sure you’re on the Snipping Tool program, and then Alt+Spacebar opened a menu that I could arrow down to the ‘close’ option. Hope it helps

  25. t. krakowski says:

    here is what worked for me just now: 1. I pressed ctrl + shift + esc and a list of programs opened up.2. I found snipping tool in the list and it’s status was “running” . 3. I right-clicked on the snipping tool item and selected “End Task.
    that did it!

  26. MS says:

    Win 10 Variant fix – only do this if you have enough applications and items open which will block the logout.
    1) go to your CTRL+ALT+DEL menu, select logout,
    2) allow it to think for a moment and give you the warning about unable to logout,
    3) cancel the logout,
    4) your screen “may” be released. You’ll still want to close snipit and rage a bit after, also have to catch/cancel close on all unsaved items.

  27. Aman says:

    Ctrl + shift + N worked for my remote connection, nothing else worked for me.

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