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How to send Exe files with GMail

As a software developer I often need to send exe-files by mail. Typically I send beta versions or bug fixes of my programs for people to try out and report back to me. But a lot of people use GMail … Continue reading

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Why Google isn’t my default search engine anymore

When I began using the Internet, web search technology was still in its infancy. The first search engine I can remember using was WebCrawler, mostly probably because they has a cool logo. Then I switched to Wired Magazine’s HotBot for … Continue reading

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How much do you dare putting in the cloud?

A story I found on r/technology highlights the dangers of tying up your life in “the cloud”; more specifically to trust a company with your personal data. Google, without explanation, shut down a user’s account and all associated services. The … Continue reading

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The fantastic Google

Most of us use Google to find things online. The reason is simple: Google delivers the best search result. Or do they? How do you know? Because honestly, when was the last time you tried another search engine? Each search … Continue reading

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