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Stereo Mix does not record any sound when using a USB headset

I want to share a problem that I stumbled on recently. I was helping my mother setting up her computer to allow for recording audio through stereo mix. Stereo Mix is a virtual recording device that allows you to record … Continue reading

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Getting right click menus to work in 64-bit Windows Explorer

Shells extensions are components that extend the functionality of Windows. The most common type is contextual menus that appear when you right click on items in Windows Explorer. For example, an archive utility can add itself to the menu to … Continue reading

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What is a portable application, and why should you use them?

Portable Windows applications have gained much popularity lately (which is kind of ironic, since originally all programs where pretty much portable). But what is a portable application? In this simple guide I will try to examine what a portable application … Continue reading

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How to enable (or improve) two finger scrolling on your Windows laptop

This is a small guide on to how to get two finger scrolling and other multi touch gestures on your Windows laptop. Even if your laptop is already capable of scrolling using two fingers, this guide can still be worth … Continue reading

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Where is Microsoft heading with Windows 8?

Having tested Windows 8 for a while raised some questions in my mind about Microsoft’s strategy for the future. It’s fairly obvious that the focus in Windows 8 has been on making an OS for touch screen devices. And only … Continue reading

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