Sega Game Brochure Scans 1989-1991

In a previous post I shared scans from my collection of old Swedish Nintendo game ads, brochures, pamphlets and posters. In addition to these, I also had some brochures from Sega that I have now scanned and uploaded. Two of   these are Swedish, one is in English, Spanish, German and French. For me these brochure trigger a lot of nostalgic emotions. I hope you like the too!

Master System 1989

Master System 1989

Download Sega Reklamblad – Master System 1989.pdf

Master System 1990

Master System 1990

Download Sega Reklamblad – Master System 1990.pdf

Megadrive, Master System & Gamegear 1991

Megadrive, Master System & Gamegear 1991

Download Sega Reklamblad – Megadrive, Master System & Gamegear 1991.pdf

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4 Responses to Sega Game Brochure Scans 1989-1991

  1. javad says:

    hi dude. how can i play sega games on pc(win8) ?

  2. Dan says:

    First you dump the content of your Sega game cartridges to rom files on your PC. Then you can load these into a Sega emulator and play!

    • ray hines says:

      I have sega game cartridges – for sega master system, genesis (mega drive) and also a couple of sega cd for the genesis add on cd player.
      What hardware is available to dump my cartridges to PC as you suggested?

      Also is the emulation really as good as playing on the original consoles?


      • Dan says:

        I have not dumped cartridges myself. Originally people built electrical hardware themselves to transfer cartridge data to PC. Nowadays I think there are off-the-shelf hardware that you can buy. But easiest way is to search for the game “rom” and download it. If you indeed own the game I don’t see any problems with it.

        Emulators today are very good and will have no problem running the games. There are USB game controllers that look like the original that you can buy for additional authenticity. Graphics is crisp, too crisp actually, because the games were originally designed for analogue TVs. Emulators have filters that can mimic the look of TV systems that you can use if this bothers you.

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