Swedish Nintendo Brochure Scans 1988-1993

During the late 80’s and yearly 90’s Bergsala, the official distributor of Nintendo products in Sweden published yearly games brochures, leaflets and other promotional items. I still have some of these, and decided to scan them and share. For me, who grew up with the NES, these trigger some seriours nostagic feelings. Even though they are in Swedish, I hope many other will enjoy them too!

(Click an image for a thumbnail preview of all pages. Click the download link to get the full PDF.)

NES 1988-1993

Yearly brochures listing games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1988-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1988.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1989-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1989.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1990-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1990.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1991-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1991.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1992-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1992.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1993-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1993.pdf”

NES game pak pamphlet SCN-GP-2

This appears to have been a pamphlet included in some game boxes.

Nintendo Medföljande Reklam NES SCN-GP-2-Preview

Download “Nintendo Medföljande Reklam NES SCN-GP-2.pdf”

Nintendo Poster from 1989

One of my favourites. I don’t know where this poster comes from, but it say © Bergsala AB, the official Swedish distributor for Nintendo products, so it might be custom made for them. The artist’s signature is “Rost”.


Download “Nintendo Poster 1989.jpg”

Game Boy 1990-1993

Yearly Game Boy brochures

Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1990-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1990.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1991-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1991.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1992-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1992.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1993-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Game Boy 1993.pdf”

Super NES 1992-1993

Yearly Super Nintendo games brochures

Nintendo Reklamblad Super NES 1992-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Super NES 1992.pdf”

Nintendo Reklamblad Super NES 1993-Preview

Download “Nintendo Reklamblad Super NES 1993.pdf”

Nintendo Spelguide 1992-1993

These brochures lists all games officially published by Nintendo in Sweden. Games are listed with description, power meter and screenshot. The first brochure one even contains technical information about what chipset the games had. Personally I find these highly satisfying to browse.

Nintendo Spelguide 1992-Preview

Download “Nintendo Spelguide 1992.pdf”

Nintendo Spelguide 1993-Preview

Download “Nintendo Spelguide 1993.pdf”

Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr. 12-14 1990

Nintendo Videospelklubb was the official club for Nintendo owners in Sweden. Membership was free and you got a cool plastic card with you unique membership number. They also published a newsletter with general information, new games, tips & tricks, competitions etc. Here are three issues of their newsletter:

Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr 12 Jan 1990-Preview

Download “Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr. 12 Jan 1990.pdf”

Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr 13 Mars 1990-Preview

Download “Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr. 13 Mars 1990.pdf”

Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr 14 Maj 1990-Preview

Download “Nintendo Videospelklubb Nr. 14 Maj 1990.pdf”

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5 Responses to Swedish Nintendo Brochure Scans 1988-1993

  1. GameScanner says:

    Hi Dan,

    Am I glad to discover your post! Being a Nintendo fan & collector I know exactly what it was like growing up with the NES. These scans definitely bring back lots of pleasant memories.

    Funny thing is, I also collect pamphlets and other Nintendo-related prints, so you can imagine my excitement upon discovering your site. Although I didn’t grow up in Sweden the feeling is still much the same!

    Now check this out! I’ve made some interesting discoveries in one of your pdfs. Open up your “Nintendo Reklamblad NES 1993” PDF and zoom in and look closely at those pics! Can you spot these those tiny marketing “mishaps”? No? Then lemme point few details for you. Ready?

    Page 3:

    Jetsons & Boat Duel are not a real retail boxes, but a in-house printed ones. You can tell by cracks on the edges. This happens if you print on a thin paper. Trust me, I know. Besides, you can notice a scotch tape on the sides and the top holding the box together.

    Felix and Darkwing Duck are not real retail boxes either. Those are some other boxes with artwork prints attached to them. Look closely and you’ll notice it.

    Page 4:
    Same thing here, BUT THE BIGGEST MISHAP is Mega Man 5 artwork slapped on a Mega Man 4 box! Did you noticed that?!!! It says Mega Man 4 on the spine!

    Second giveaway is Krusty’s Fun House glued to a WORLD CHAMP box! It’s not cut very well either.

    Man, they’ve had to be running out of time or something. Meeting deadlines in marketing must’ve been pushing their creative minds to the limits, heh?

    Page 5:
    Now, this one is kinda hard to spot at first but look at the DUCK HUNT black box. This was an unusual PAL packaging, because it was shorter then standard NES retail boxes. But it’s placed in such a smart way that it gives the illusion of being the same size as the rest of them.

    Page 7:
    Zelda box is empty and US versions of the game are mixed with PAL versions.

    I’m wondering if you’d noticed those things? My guess is – no. :P

    Now that I’m done with my rumblings, I just want you to know that I’ve checked out
    your software page and EXIF remover is JUST what I’ve boon looking for! Dan, thank you so much for your work!
    If you have more scans, I’d be glad to look at them. Needless to say, I’m gonna download all of them.

    … and if by any chance you got some more stuff (& free time), feel free to email me. I’d be glad to get in touch with you about Nintendo stuff.

    PS – Did you give any thought to something like batch file renamer for windows? Windows does it but puts numbers in parentheses. Maybe there is a way to rename files and assign them a consecutive numerical value WITHOUT parentheses? Just a thought…

    • Dan says:

      Wow, I would have never noticed that myself! Cool. When you told me to have a closer look I stopped reading and did actually find some of these. Quite fun actually :-)

      Now, this one is kinda hard to spot at first but look at the DUCK HUNT black box. This was an unusual PAL packaging, because it was shorter then standard NES retail boxes. But it’s placed in such a smart way that it gives the illusion of being the same size as the rest of them.

      Initially I think most boxes were that short. There are some more short boxes on page 8-10: Mike Tysons Punch-Out!!, Zelda 1 & 2.

      Last weekend I scanned some Sega posters too, in case you missed them. Another site that can be interesting, at least for Swedes, is Florre.se that has some magazine scans, albeit in low quality.

      Glad you like Exif Tag Remover. For batch file renaming with a consecutive numbering, try to use Flash Renamer and use the tag, for example in the add function.

    • Dan says:

      One more site I found that has some neat brochure and poster scans is emuparadise

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  3. K0414 says:

    Very nice work, thanks for sharing I love this catalogues.

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