Maximizing Hyper-V Windows (instead of full screen)

I recently started using Hyper-V after being used to VMware. I want my virtual machine windows maximized, but not full screen since I need to quickly move between the host and virtual machines. In VMware the maximize button will do what it is intended for – maximizing the window – but Hyper-V will instead enter fullscreen mode when you maximize the window. Very annoying. It took me quite a while until I found a way around this:

Use the mouse to drag the window to the top of the screen. It will “snap” into place maximizing the window!

Note: This works only in “enhanced sessions”

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2 Responses to Maximizing Hyper-V Windows (instead of full screen)

  1. Jovanni G says:

    This is what I do too, but still annoying cause the moment you are logged out it goes back to full screen.

  2. Gépi Hoffauze says:

    “enhanced sessions” was already on for me. In ‘User’ too…
    All I have to do was to change the resolution in the VM: right-click the desktop, open the settings and select a new Display resolution. I first chose the maximum (1920×1200) but the taskbar and the top right buttons disappeared. So I clicked a notch down and it was perfect! I saved and it did not revert to the small box!…

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