What if there were no ad blockers?

Sometimes I browse the web without an ad blocker. It’s typically a horrible experience. I don’t understand how people stand it.

I don’t watch TV any more, and a big part of this is that I can’t stand the ads. But TV ads are predictable and can be avoided by changing the channel or muting the sound and go out to the kitchen to grab a beer. Web ads are much more in your face.

I wonder what my life would be if there were no ad blockers. I admit that I spend a good amount of time procrastination at different sites. But if I had been forced to watch their ads, I’m not sure I would any more.

Perhaps, in a world without ad blockers, I would be a more productive person due to the lack of distractions. And being productive is a great feeling. Perhaps a world without ad blockers would not be that bad after all…

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3 Responses to What if there were no ad blockers?

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  3. Joe says:

    Not a fan of ads myself. And when a website has a popup that complains about the ad blocker, I just leave. I’ve paid for my website hosting since 2001. It really doesn’t cost much and if any company or personal website relies on ad revenue, then maybe your product is not that great. I blame google for infecting or web surfing experience these days. The company who once boasted about not having ads on google.com. LOL!

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