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The software I make does not connect to the internet without your explicit consent*. They do not phone home, check for updates, submit telemetry, spy on you or any other crap like that. Put simply, they do not do anything behind your back and any data generated by or related to the program is yours and yours only. (As it should be.)

* actually, at the time of writing none of my software have any internet connectivity at all!

Website & Tracking

This website does not track you. It does not use cookies. It does not include content or scripts from external sites. The web server will log requests in a standard format.

My blog uses a self hosted version of WordPress. To be honest I don't know exactly what happens under the hood.

Personal Data when Buying Software

When purchasing my software I get a mail about your purchase, with your name and some other personal details. I keep these for future reference in case you contact me about having lost your registration info and ask me to re-send it information (this happens quite often). If you do not want me to keep this information, please mail me and I will remove you from my mailbox! In this case you may also want to reach out to BMT Micro who handles my sales.

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