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"I cant believe anyone would be able or indeed willing to give such a good service. I am really impressed and most grateful to you. I'll make sure all my circle of friends know how good the program and service is!"

Dick B.

" Extremely rapid renaming of large groups of files, wonderful renaming flexibility /.../ This is a must-have utility for digital camera owners."

5 Star Review
Buy it! Award
ComputerActive Magazine

"In a crowded market, your software stood head and shoulders above the crowd!"

Ross A.

"I adore my job but the typing was starting to kill my hands! This has helped immensely!"

Eva N.

"Flash Renamer is an awesome utility that really is the missing piece of Windows."

TechWatch Radio Show

Flash Renamer is incredibly flexible and powerful. It's a program that I highly recommend for anyone who likes to manicure their hard drives and really manage their files.

Recommended Software

"This is a thoroughly amaazing little application! As webmaster for a large church, I manage HUNDREDS of digital photos monthly from different events and Flash Renamer is an answer to prayer!"

Darrin H.

The first thing you notice about Flash Renamer is its speed - it is the fastest renamer on the market today. It took less than five seconds to rename over 9,000 files on my system! Moreover, what makes Flash Renamer simply great software is that it works without flaw and gets the job done the way you intend. /.../ If you prefer a polished user interface and well-written Help File, buy Flash Renamer. It has one of the few Help Files that is so good it not only demystifies the program's deepest functions, but teaches you with examples how to solve both common and rare renaming problems along the way.

Highest Rated
The Great Software List

"Quite simply, the best Mp3 renamer I've ever used"


"Thanks for the very speedy reply - now that is what I call customer support!"

Archie H.

"Excellent product - saved me hours renaming my music files. Extremely well thought out options and clear interface"

John F.

"Absolutely fantastic program, easiest and most powerful renamer product I have used. Took me about 5 minutes to learn...BUY IT!"

Mr. Pat

"File renaming does not have to cause headaches anymore."

Tucows Review

"You need to take a look at Flash Renamer to get a complete picture of its versatility."

3 times Download of the Day

"This software is great. I take many pictures with my digital camera that get saved in a standard file name. Now I can rename and identify multiple picture files. It is easier then the software that came with the camera!"


"There are lots of file management software titles available, but with it's intuitive interface and fast performance, Flash Renamer is the single best file 'naming' utility I have seen. This is one of those products that does one thing, and does it very well! There are lots of great features that extend file naming to a level I never really thought of before I tried this program. One of the best things about this program though is the price ... Not many software titles made this well and this usefull go for that kind of price. Yes, it is a small utility, but the amount of time and work it can save is well worth the price."

BMT Micro Review

"WOW! I've been downloading and unistalling mp3 renaming programs all night because they are either too difficult to use, don't do what I want, make no sense, or they just suck. Finally I found this program and within about 10 seconds of starting it I had done what I wanted to do. It was very easy to understand. I am VERY happy!"


"I must have downloaded a dozen renaming utilities before finding yours. It's hard to believe how many people just couldn't get it RIGHT..."

Don F.

"I've tried others and they don't compare to Flash Renamer by any stretch of the imagination. Fantastic!"


"Thanks, it's such a great tool. And you guys let me use it before buying so I could decide if it was something worth buying! I've used it a half dozen times or so over the past months mostly renaming file names of photos. It's time to pay up and support a great product. I'm obvioulsy going to continue using it. Thanks for keeping it Shareware the way shareware used to be and should be! Meaning it's Not cripple-ware."

George S.

"I need to rename lot of files every day on my job, this is a the most helpfull tool I ever saw."

Carlos Q.

"Forget the rest, Flash Renamer is fantastic. Easy, flexible, and comes with keyboard shortcuts to keep you moving fast. Well designed, and well worth having."

Zaine R.

"Was looking for a renamer and went through like 20 programs and this one was the best, simple to use, nice features, nice set-up. Best one i've seen."


"Thanks a lot for a utility that saved me a hours of brainless renaming work."

John L.

"You need to get the word out that FR Sequential Renaming will quickly order songs on a "flash" MP3 player. I just purchased a Muvo TX FM and discovered that the programs that were supposed to reorder songs did not work. I opened Flash Renamer & as always was able to rename songs quickly & reliably. FR is one my all time best software bargains. Thanks!"

D. M.

"Thanks for this very useful utility. I use it almost daily."

Joe D.

"If anybody else is looking for a really good file renamer, I heartily recommend giving Flash Renamer a try!"

Max Q.

"Flash Renamer is an awesome app for renaming multiple files/directories... and that's just one of the many functions this program has! Too many functions to list..."

Scoooby's Fav Apps

"Your product is amazing. I just purchased a new Mp3 Player and all of my Mp3's were in the format of Artist-Title.mp3. This would not display properly on the Mp3 Player display window. Not anymore! Your product just renamed 2000 of my Mp3s to Title.mp3 in about 5 mins. THANKS!"

John H.

This app kicks a**! I've got to hand it to these developers (and I'm not one of them). I've been looking for a stable, easy, effective renamer for who knows how long, have tried almost all of them, before finding this!

Bryan C.

"This program appears to offer all the functionality for renaming files and directories that one could think of. Powerful, efficient & user friendly."


"Fantastic product. I needed to rename & number 12,000 files. . .this has saved me days of effort & cost."

Adam S.

"A great, easy to use application. I never had any problems with it. It does what it says, and is very flexible. If you do a lot of batch renaming, grab this one."


"Very simple and quick, enough features to do almost everything i would want when it comes to renaming files or mp3s."


"Just the utility I was looking for - with ten times the features, which make it even more of a great program. Perfect!"


"This is the best renaming utility made. It really isn't that much competition, the others I've tried kinda suck."


"One word : Amazing !!! This program is very easy to use, use it to save big time... I had no problem to install and use it. Very good !"


"This is a very versatile renaming software. Great Job. We do a lot of renaming"

David D.
Electronic Commerce Council of Canada

"I use Flash Renamer to order data that I generate from a computational model of the atmosphere. Even though I currently only use it with my scientific research I can see countless other uses for this little gem of a program! My congratulations and thanks to you all for producing such a useful and functional piece of software at such an affordable price."

Tim C.

"Flash Renamer is a really great product. I manage a lot of digital photo files, hich involves a lot of renaming from the digital camera's numbering system to my own naming scheme. Flash Renamer's versatile features make this a very easy task, and it's very easy to use."

Bill K

"Unbelieveable performanace and ease of use!"


This program absolutely ownz! I had to rename hundreds of dirs to sequential numbers and it handled it seemlessly. Awesome program, highly recommend.


"Everything, that it is possible to push into renamer, exist in Flash Renamer"

Anonymous Russian Reviewer

"Hi, I just wanted to say that your renaming program was really awesome. It was easy to use and it made naming my music collection MUCH easier than doing it by hand to each file. Thanks alot for creating such a great program."

Tyler M.


For more information about Flash Renamer you can read the user manual.

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