Flash Renamer 6 :: Your filenames - Your way ™

All-in-one batch file rename utility

Since 1999 Flash Renamer has been the program of choice for users in need of a fast and intuitive way to rename multiple files in an automated fashion. With more features than any other program on the market and a critically acclaimed user interface, this is batch renaming at it's best!

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Batch rename files with Flash Renamer
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Set filename letter casing
rich set of functions

Easy to use functions

  • UPPER CASE, lower case or Title Case
  • Add string at specific positions
  • Remove sections
  • Trim multiple spaces
  • Works on files, folders & sub-folders.

Rename & tag mp3:s
tidy up your mp3 collection

Complete set of music features

  • Rename your music collection
  • Write tags based on filename
  • Supports mp3, ogg vorbis, wma, mp4, flac, mpc, spx, tta, wv and more!

View images as thumbnails before you rename them
view as thumbnails

Excellent for digital camera users

  • Full support for Exif & IPTC tags
  • Change dates & file attributes
  • View your photos as Thumbnails

Easily add or modify counters
counter setup

Extensive number support

  • Add counters (001, 002, 003 ...)
  • Change existing numbers
  • Zero padding for correct sorting

Replace with regular expressions
replace within filenames

Search and replace within filenames

  • Replace with strings or metadata tags
  • Use wildcards
  • Regular expressions support

Create your own presets rules for fast renaming
create your own preset rules

Power users functions

  • Create your own rename rules with scripting!
  • Filename text editor
  • Rename according to CSV lists
  • Re-order parts of the filenames
  • Extract media properties & metadata, such as width/height and duration.
  • Extend with ExifTool for thousands of more properties and tags!

Preview the filenames before you rename them
preview before you rename


  • Realtime preview shows changes before you actually rename
  • Unlimited undo
  • Oldest still developed batch rename program

Right click shell context menu
right click menu

Fast as lightning!

  • Right click context menus to quickly access FR when you need it.
  • Save your favorite commands as presets
  • Extensive hotkey support
  • Spend your time doing something better!

Download today and discover how much time and effort you will save by letting Flash Renamer do the work for you!

Download Flash Renamer
fully functional trial, 2.1MB
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only $19.95

Quote Flash Renamer is an awesome utility that really is the missing piece of Windows!

- TechWatch Radio Show
Computer Active gives Buy It Award to Flash Renamer!
Great Software list: 5 stars to Flash Renamer
Softpedia says Flash Renamer is 100% clean of Spyware, Adware & Viruses

Webattack: Flash Renamer is Editor's Picks!  

25 more 5 star awards

Flash Renamer
Your filenames - Your way ™

Quote What is batch renaming?

Batch renaming means changing the names of a group of files in an automated fashion, to save time and reduce the amount of work involved. Batch renaming can also be referred to as mass file renaming, rename en masse and bulk renaming. If you find yourself with a lot of files with cryptic names, for example photos from your digital camera, and you want to give them meaningful names, then a batch rename utility is your best friend!

Powerful mass file renaming utility

Flash Renamer is a tool for automated file renaming. Rename files & images! It's a fast, easy & powerful batch/bulk renaming utility for files, photos & music/mp3. Free download.

Batch rename pictures and mp3s

Here's a batch renaming software to manage the names, organize & tag your mp3 files! You can do sequential renaming: add counters and numbers to filenames. Flashren is a file, mp3 and jpeg picture renamer. Tag & rename id3 your mp3 music files very fast.

Digital camera software

Change the name of many files & folders. Rename & organize your photos & files. Works on windows 95 / 98 / me / nt / 2000 / xp / vista / 7 / 8. Digital camera software for automation of monotonous work by hand. For webmasters, a software for mass file management. Rename all files with ease - Perfect multiple file renamer for windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

Best windows explorer replacement freeware

This is a program to rename multiple files! It's a powerful digital camera picture utility. You can rename & manage your computer images. Learn how to manage your digital camera picture collection by clicking here. This portable freeware is also a powerful mp3 file renaming & management utility.

Bulk rename files & folders

Flash Renamer is a bulk rename utility. Flash Rename .EXE - renames files quickly! Plus you can rename digital photo files generated by digital cameras with flash renamer. Quote: the most advanced batch file renamer utiltity. Use with multiple files and folders.

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Flash Renamer screenshot.
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Save time by automating file renaming

Everybody has a lot of files these days, be it digital photos, music, movies or documents. Keeping them tidy and organized is important so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Think about how much time you spend managing your files, fiddling with their filenames to make them fit your personal taste. What if it could be done automatically? Now you can. With Flash Renamer your renaming days are gone!

Flash Renamer contains everything you need to master your filenames. Transform them from unreadable junk to perfectly manicured filenames in a matter of seconds!

More Features:

  •  Fast as lightning! Renames thousands of files in a matter of seconds.

  •  Set casing to UPPER CASE, lower case or First Letter Case.

  •  Rename Mp3s using their tags and properties.

  •  Read data from jpeg Exif tags. Excellent for digital camera users.

  •  Search and replace strings within filenames.

  •  Set or clear file attributes, such as 'read only' and 'hidden'.

  •  Set date & time using various sources, such as image Exif date.

  •  Add or Remove strings from specified positions.

  •  Add counters to files that are related, such as photo sessions.

  •  Extract meta-data from media, such as width/height and duration.

  •  Realtime preview and Undo so you don't have to worry about mistakes.

  •  Works on files, folder and sub-folders.

  •  Easily manage your image collection by using the thumbnail mode.

  •  Add zeros to numbers to make files sort correctly in every situation.

  •  Re-order parts within filenames the way you want it.

  •  Supports Wildcards & Regular Expressions.

  •  Context menus allows you to quickly launch FR when you need it.

  •  Comprehensive manual will help you if you get stuck.

  •  All Windows versions supported.

  •  Detect and set correct file extension if wrong.

  •  Organize your files & music collection, fast and easy.

  •  Remove unwanted spaces in filenames.

  •  And much more...

Whether you're a photographer, webmaster, a power downloader, or simply just have a lot of files, you will love the power Flash Renamer brings you. And you will love it even more afterwards, when you realize how much time and effort it has saved you. Let Flash Renamer do the work for you. You'll never rename more that one file by hand ever again, that's a promise!

Click here to Download Flash Renamer for free!

Tags Supported by ExifTool that can be used in Flash Renamer:

AC3 , AFCP , AIFF , APE , ASF , AVI1 , Adobe , AdobeCM , CIFF , Canon , CanonCustom , CanonRaw , CanonVRD , Casio , Chapter# , Composite , DICOM , DNG , DV , DjVu , DjVu-Meta , Ducky , EPPIM , EXE , EXIF , ExifIFD , ExifTool , FLAC , File , Flash , FlashPix , Font , FotoStation , FujiFilm , GE , GIF , GIMP , GPS , GeoTiff , GlobParamIFD , GraphConv , H264 , HP , HTML , HTML-dc , HTML-ncc , HTML-office , HTML-prod , HTML-vw96 , HTTP-equiv , ICC-chrm , ICC-clrt , ICC-header , ICC-meas , ICC-meta , ICC-view , ICC_Profile , ICC_Profile# , ID3 , ID3v1 , ID3v1_Enh , ID3v2_2 , ID3v2_3 , ID3v2_4 , IFD0 , IFD1 , IPTC , IPTC# , ITC , InteropIFD , JFIF , JPEG , JVC , Jpeg2000 , KDC_IFD , Kodak , KodakBordersIFD , KodakEffectsIFD , KodakIFD , KyoceraRaw , LNK , Leaf , LeafSubIFD , Leica , M2TS , MAC , MIE-Audio , MIE-Camera , MIE-Canon , MIE-Doc , MIE-Extender , MIE-Flash , MIE-GPS , MIE-Geo , MIE-Image , MIE-Lens , MIE-Main , MIE-MakerNotes , MIE-Meta , MIE-Orient , MIE-Preview , MIE-Thumbnail , MIE-UTM , MIE-Unknown , MIE-Video , MIFF , MNG , MPC , MPEG , MPF0 , MPImage , MXF , MakerNotes , MakerUnknown , Matroska , MetaIFD , Microsoft , Minolta , MinoltaRaw , NITF , Nikon , NikonCapture , NikonCustom , NikonScan , Olympus , PDF , PICT , PNG , PSP , Panasonic , Pentax , PhotoMechanic , Photoshop , PictureInfo , PostScript , PreviewIFD , PrintIM , ProfileIFD , QuickTime , RAF , RAF2 , RIFF , RMETA , RSRC , RTF , Rawzor , Real , Real-CONT , Real-MDPR , Real-PROP , Real-RA3 , Real-RA4 , Real-RA5 , Real-RJMD , Reconyx , Ricoh , SPIFF , SR2 , SR2DataIFD , SR2SubIFD , SRF# , SVG , Samsung , Sanyo , Scalado , Sigma , SigmaRaw , Sony , SonyIDC , Stim , SubIFD , System , Track# , Version0 , Vorbis , XML , XMP , XMP-DICOM , XMP-MP , XMP-MP1 , XMP-PixelLive , XMP-acdsee , XMP-album , XMP-aux , XMP-cc , XMP-cell , XMP-crs , XMP-dc , XMP-dex , XMP-digiKam , XMP-exif , XMP-iptcCore , XMP-iptcExt , XMP-lr , XMP-mediapro , XMP-microsoft , XMP-mwg-coll , XMP-mwg-kw , XMP-mwg-rs , XMP-pdf , XMP-pdfx , XMP-photomech , XMP-photoshop , XMP-plus , XMP-prism , XMP-prl , XMP-pur , XMP-rdf , XMP-swf , XMP-tiff , XMP-x , XMP-xmp , XMP-xmpBJ , XMP-xmpDM , XMP-xmpMM , XMP-xmpNote , XMP-xmpPLUS , XMP-xmpRights , XMP-xmpTPg , ZIP

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