The “secret” Windows 8.1 menu for power users

Windows 8 is still new to me, and I’m quite frustrated every time I need to use it because seems to try its best to hide all the useful settings and features from me, and search insists on promoting Metro settings which are pretty much useless. Today I discovered a great little shortcut though. In Windows 8.1, if you right click on the start button, a menu will appear. Here you can find shortcuts to the control panel, disk management, command prompt and other places that power users need quick access to. Neat! :-)



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3 Responses to The “secret” Windows 8.1 menu for power users

  1. You could also hit the windows key + x for this menu in a faster way!

  2. smaragdus says:

    Win+X really works fine but for me the best solution is Classic Shell which can help the users curb all the Windows 8 nuisances (start screen, charms, task-bar transparency, etc).

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