How to send Exe files with GMail

As a software developer I often need to send exe-files by mail. Typically I send beta versions or bug fixes of my programs for people to try out and report back to me. But a lot of people use GMail today, and it does not allow attaching executables to mail, neither directly nor in zip files. What to do?

One solution is to upload the file to your web server or other file host and simply include a link in the letter. Another alternative is to compress the file with 7-zip (rar probably works too) but not everyone can open these files. So if you want to attach the exe to your letter, this is how to get around the restrictions: Simply rename your exe file and GMail will not recognice it. I typically change to something like MyApp.exe.removethis. Don’t forget to tell the recipient to rename the file back :-)

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3 Responses to How to send Exe files with GMail

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the above tips.

    Q: out of curiosity – using 7-zip: Why is that?
    I mean, does 7-zip use an alternative way of zipping or so?
    (am not using 7-zip)

    renaming an .exe-file may be an alternative if it involves 1 or 2 files only, however, zipping an entire programfolder containing a number of .exe-files may be a bit complicated.

    Personally I also use:
    -zip, then send the files using Wetransfer (for bigger files, i.e. larger than say 20MB or so)
    -send the file to using an alternative email account of the receivers, e.g. receivers’ hotmail- or yahoo-account
    (but, then again, I admit.. not all have 2 accounts)

  2. GameScanner says:

    It’s a very simple method I’ve been using for a long time now, but I’m still surprised many people don’t know about it.

  3. Allison Roe says:

    Awesome! I learned here: how to open and edit .exe files but I had no idea how to send them with gmail. This is very helpful and so simple explained . Thank you for sharing :)

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